15th Annual Ukraine Investor Conference dollarRush

15th Annual Ukraine Investor Conference 

Meet Key Decision Makers 

As in the past 14 years, our conference will bring together top Ukrainian economic and political figures, business leaders as well as representatives of international financial organizations based in Ukraine. Ukraine’s 2019 presidential and parliamentary elections will be a special focus of our next event.


Identify New Opportunities

Our event is carefully tailored to the needs of international institutional investors already exposed or seeking exposure to the Ukrainian market. Aside from the macro and political perspective, the bulk of the conference will traditionally be dedicated to investor meetings.

Assess Reform Progress

With Ukraine continuing to face formidable economic challenges, our conference is a unique opportunity to learn about and evaluate the authorities’ completed actions and further steps to turn the economy around.


Meet Leading Companies

We are preparing an extensive 1-on-1 meeting program and sector-focused workshops with listed corporations and banks to help you identify new opportunities in Ukraine’s evolving economic landscape.





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